Giacomo Picchereddu

The project: Wonderland Barbershop

Wonderland Barbershop was born in 2010 from the mind of Giacomo Picchereddu. The idea was (and still is) to dedicate himself to an activity that enriches human relationships, just like the relationship of complete trust that is established between client and hairdresser. The first shop was born in Sestri Ponente, a suburb of Genoa. To date, there are 4 shops, 2 of which are located in Sampierdarena, a Genoese neighborhood in severe degradation and with a high presence of crime. 

Opening in Sampierdarena was not easy, due to the cultural background and the ambitious goal of making this store a pole of attraction for the inhabitants from all the Genoese neighborhoods.

Here follows a short summary of the interview with Giacomo!

What does he do?

  • hair care
  • management of 4 stores in Genoa
  • training young hairdressers
  • possibility of job placement


  • 4 shops (3 in suburban districts, 1 in the historic center of Genoa)
  • 13 collaborators

Training is fundamental to Giacomo’s business proposition. The training processes can be summarized as follows:

  • Training course with collaboration’s opportunity
  • Training course for the achievement of a professional qualification
  • Training course with the aim of moving to other realities – thanks to the acquired technical background 

The teaching put in place by Giacomo is always aimed at achieving the individual’s professional autonomy, so that he or she can both be able to exploit his or her desire for creativity and can reach his or her goals. From his point of view, there are many successful stories: starting from historical collaborators who have been able to find job opportunities abroad, to others who have obtained the management of a Wonderland shop in the historic center of Genoa.

Adjectives describing the activity

  • CONSTANCE in maintaining the human approach of the project
  • HUMILITY, because training never stops for anyone
  • ENHANCE: not always looking forward, but sometimes stopping and looking back at what has been achieved)
  • EMPATHY it is the fundamental element to enhance human relationships, both among collaborators and with customers