Piero Pellizaro

The project: Chief Resilience Officer

Every day I try to stimulate interest and awareness about the role we must play as a public administration in addressing climate challenges. It is important to create cohesion and a common front in trying to make Milan a more livable and adaptive city.

Did you know that Milan is the only italian city to have a Chief Resilience Office? That’s right, his name is Piero Pelizzaro, and he is an expert in climate change adaptation policies who has made resilience a way of life.

His mission: develop the urban resilience strategy to respond in an innovative, integrated and adaptive way to social changes, environmental stresses and the effects of climate change. In fact, since 2017, Piero has been involved in planning regeneration and adaptation interventions for the city of Milan, including the urban forestation strategy.

#ForestaMi – a project that sees the participation of Direzione Città Resilienti and the scientific direction of Stefano Boeri – foresees the planting of 3 million trees by 2030, to improve air quality, reduce urban temperature and flood risks.