Rodolfo Pinto

The project: Green Energy Storage

How would you describe yourself in a few words?

I’m a young innovation entrepreneur with a background in humanities.

How was Green Energy Storage born and what innovations does it bring?

GES was born in 2015 from the vision of a group of entrepreneurs in the energy sector. Seeing that the world of renewables had a great thirst for storage, which would allow to store the energy produced by the sun and wind, we went in search of the most innovative technologies in that sector. It all started with a patent from Harvard for a battery based on organic molecules. After developing it in Italy, with time we became a center of excellence for innovation in this field, realizing more solutions based on innovative and green chemistry. Our flow battery has high safety standards, low cost and reduced environmental impact, all key features to overcome the problems of current lithium batteries and to overcome the challenge of climate change.

What has your role been?

Since the foundation and until last year I was the CEO of the company, since a few months I have been a member of the board. In particular, in the early years of the company I was responsible for conducting two equity crowdfunding campaigns for a total of € 3 million, which allowed the company to become a public company and to raise the resources needed to finance the development of the first technological solutions.

Do you see this technology being viable on a large scale in the future?

Absolutely. Flow storage and especially green technologies like ours will be the future of the industry and can solve the problems of electricity grids and renewable energy on a large scale. From supporting electric mobility to large-scale renewables fields, via smart buildings and energy communities. These technologies will be key players in the energy transition and the fight against climate change.

Talking about projects, we know that at the moment you are working on something else…

About a year ago, together with my partner, I founded the full service design studio Pnsix, of which I am Managing Partner. Even here, while following companies in the design of their products with a consulting role, we have not abandoned the desire to imagine the future. In particular, working on a major theme of our time: cities. Cities are at the center of great challenges such as digital, climate change, mobility, but have been nailed for years to the rhetoric of smart cities. We tried to theorize a new model, the Adaptive Cities, based on effective and sustainable urban experiences, civic participation and humanistic vision of innovation. In a few months the model we theorized has spread with concrete applications that have seen it adopted in some national territories.

What is your super power?

Just a certain restlessness and a team of passionate and talented people, who every day imagine and create new things.