The project: GenerAzione Ponte

Abdullahi Ahmed

On the International Refugee Day, we give voice to a Global Shaper and a special hero.

In 2008 Abdullahi Ahmed left Somalia and crossed the Mediterranean, arriving on the island of Lampedusa to seek asylum in Italy. Recognized as a refugee, he moved to Settimo Torinese, a small city near Turin. His civic work to counter racism was appreciated in 2014 with the title of Honorary Citizen of Settimo Torinese. In 2016 Abdullahi became a citizen of Italy. 

“I believe one cannot be a foreigner forever”, Abdullahi explains the idea behind his association Generazione Ponte (“The Bridge Generazion”). Founded in 2018, it brings together refugees, children of immigrants and Italian citizens united by the desire to build bridges between different generations and cultures.

Abdullahi is an extraordinary example of humanity and hope for a future society capable of breaking down that wall of indifference and fear which undermines the fundamental values ​​of our country. In line with Goal 16 of the United Nations 2030 Agenda, “Peace and justice”, he works tirelessly to spread a culture of peaceful coexistence, dialogue and intercultural exchange in Italy and in Somalia.