The project: Apicoltura “Nonno Berto”

Alberto Fatticcioni

“Our survival depends on bees,” explains beekeeper Alberto Fatticcioni, vice president of the Regional Association of Tuscan Beekeeping Producers (ARPAT) and owner of the “Nonno Berto” farm in Val di Cecina, Maremma.

Alberto’s approach is inspired by the principles of permaculture: the care of the soil, the care of people and the fair sharing of resources. His love for land and bees has translated into developing a number of practices and products that go beyond “organic”. He is equally passionate about sharing work experiences in the sustainable agriculture sector with young people who are interested in pursuing this professional path but lack access to land. 

Alberto’s activity is mostly concerned with Goal 12 of the 2030 Agenda which is “Responsible consumption and production”.

Special thanks to ARPAT for the footage from the documentary “The honey of Florence” (2013) directed by Riccardo Sottili.