The project: Cittadini per l'aria

Anna Gerometta

“Air quality is a non-negotiable good.”

Meet Anna, heroine of the fight against climate change and lawyer committed to defending the right of each of us to breathe clean air.

A battle that she also carries on with the Milan-based association Cittadini per l’Aria onlus, of which she is founder. In 2017, Anna and Citizens for Air launched a participatory science project in Milan. A monitoring campaign, active and collective, to help collect useful data and encourage city administrations to adopt anti-smog measures.

The NO2, No Grazie! campaign is now in its third edition, and over the years has involved other cities such as Brescia, Naples and Rome. But why nitrogen dioxide (NO2)? Because it is a gas that comes mainly from diesel engines, and is extremely harmful to the environment, as well as to human health.