The project: Controcorrente

Daniele Giustozzi e Claudia Carotenuto

Daniele Giustozzi (environmental researcher) and Claudia Carotenuto (journalist) are the authors of the documentary titled Controcorrente. Result of an immersive investigation, an environmentalist mission and a 6000 kilometres journey through Italy. Controcorrente is a zero impact, bottom-up funded documentary that lays bare the reality of the state of water in Italy, at the same time indicating possible ways to overcome the criticalities in some areas of Italy and building on the mobilisation and support of the community that followed the project from start to finish.

Controcorrente was created to be a documentary whose aim is scientific dissemination and environmental education. It was created to be a product that can be enjoyed by everyone and is aimed above all at the new generations, who hold the future of the planet in their hands, not only from an environmental point of view. In its first year of life it has become this and much more. Hundreds of people today identify with the values it defends and support this project, which in the meantime has entered schools, participated in conferences and continues to make people talk about it.