The project: Microsoft Italia

Fabio Moioli

Fabio Moioli is the Director of Microsoft Italia’s Consulting Services Division, whose aim is to support Italian companies in the path of digitalisation and adoption of the most innovative digital technologies. He focuses on the impact of Artificial Intelligence on business realities and sociality.

Thanks to his role as an Artificial Intelligence expert, he contributes to the development of the Connected Services Platform (CSP) project, applying his business expertise to the transformation of automated agriculture: CSP is a digital platform model built with CNH Industrial to provide its customers with data-based information to optimise the use of their vehicles through automation and asset monitoring processes. Fleet managers, for example, can now monitor fuel consumption data, assess the need for proactive maintenance, optimise routes taken by commercial vehicles and make driving style suggestions. The platform also contributes to development in other areas, providing feedback to truck drivers on how to brake or accelerate differently and sending data from vehicle black boxes to engineering teams for insights to improve production, make it efficient and avoid wasting resources.

His work falls under Goal 9 of the UN’s 2030 Agenda as it promotes infrastructure resilience and fosters more inclusive and sustainable industrialisation by putting innovation at its heart. This has a major impact on the sustainability of the industry and the environmental and economic impact of the world of production in agriculture.