The project: Mobility in Chain

Federico Parolotto

“Mobility is moving towards integration processes: the focus of our work now is no longer simply to study how to move by car, but it is essential to include routes for pedestrians, for bikes, for public transport, or even to understand how to avoid moving.”

Federico Parolotto is Senior Partner of the company Mobility in Chain and deals with sustainable mobility planning.

For over 10 years he has been involved in projects that involve the study of transport according to an innovative logic that combines the simulation and study of movement within urban ecosystems contemplating an additional variable: sustainability. The movement that occurs between two points, in addition to being the fastest and most efficient, must take into account its environmental and social impacts. For this reason, most of the projects developed by Mobility in Chain for large real estate and commercial operators, have as their primary objective the mitigation of emissions and attention to the impact on the quality of urban space.

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