The project: Cuoche Combattenti

Nicoletta Cosentino

“We are not victims, but fighters” is the motto of Nicoletta Cosentino, the founder and owner of Cuoche Combattenti, an ambitious social entrepreneurship project that aims to emancipate women who have escaped from domestic violence.

The project was born from Nicoletta’s personal journey at an anti-violence centre in Palermo, Le Onde ONLUS. It stems from her eagerness to share her positive experience with other women by providing them with work opportunities that generate income necessary for gaining independence from abusive partners. Cuoche Combattenti teach one another technical and personal skills, as well as entrepreneurial attitudes, other than transmitting joy.

The artisanal products are made following traditional recipes, from organic ingredients sourced locally, to ensure respect for the Earth and the authenticity of the project. 

Among the various Goals of the 2030 Agenda that can be showcased through this project, we focus on Goal 5, that is “Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls”.