The project: Kilo - La sfuseria del vicolo

Olga Terchenko

Olga Terchenko, born in Uzbekistan, has moved between different regions of Italy for about 25 years before settling down in Genoa. She then founded Kilo, a boutique in the heart of the city offering quality products in plastic-free packaging.

Kilo sells food, as well as personal care and home care products, priced per kilogram. Top-quality products selected by Olga come from artisanal small or medium-sized local enterprises. To make packaging fully circular, customers might bring their own containers from home, or buy durable plastic bars, glass jars, or paper bags.

Kilo’s activity advances Goal 12 of the UN Agenda 2030, which is “To ensure sustainable consumption and production” Specifically, it focuses on reducing the production of waste through reuse or recycling.