The project: Va' Sentiero

Sara Furlanetto

In her interview Sara Furlanetto explains that “Va’ Sentiero” is more than an expedition: it is a 360° experience involving different realities with the aim of promoting the territories along the Italian mountains and the sense of community.

The key word for them is “sharing”, a concept that is expressed in three ways: through social media, through which they share the daily routine and in-depth information about the expedition; the website, where they are building a digital address book with all the information about the route; and physical sharing, which consists of the possibility open to anyone who wants to join in for one or more stages of their journey.

The team believes in the interaction with the territory and in the active involvement of people and along the way, which is why they organise various cultural events with local active realities. They promote walking as a way of slow tourism, documenting and exploring the naturalistic dimension of the route they walk, giving voice to the places and people who take care of it day by day, teaching how to live and respect it.