The project: Associazione Lorenzo Guarnieri

Stefano Guarnieri

Stefano Guarnieri presents himself as “the father of Lorenzo”. In 2010 his son was killed on a street of Florence by a driver under the effect of alcohol and drugs. 

This has led Stefano, a brilliant corporate manager, to found the “Lorenzo Guarnieri Onlus” Association dedicated to preventing car accidents.

In 2011 the Association collaborated with the Municipality of Florence on the so-called ‘David Plan’, a framework for reducing road accidents. Combining an intense awareness-raising effort with a thoughtful structural plan has resulted in reducing the rates of road deaths in Florence by 72%, well above the 50% target set by the UN Agenda 2020-2030. On March 25, 2016, the Association marked another great success which was collecting over 80,000 signatures for the bill that introduced the “vehicular homicide” into Italian legislation.