The project: Associazione ARIS

Tecla Zaia

Mirafiori Sud is a large neighbourhood in the southern suburbs of Turin, best known for the FIAT industrial car plant that holds the same name. In the past, this neighbourhood was a major production centre, so much so that in the 1960s it became one of the most densely populated in the city. At the same time, unfortunately, it was also the site of several social problems linked to overcrowding, poor services and isolation from the rest of the city.

Tecla Zaia is a firm believer in the possibility of change for Mirafiori Sud, and is committed to finding new development solutions for the community. With a degree in Education Sciences and twenty years’ experience in the private import-export sector, she founded the ARIS association and has been running the “Alloggiami Mirafiori Student Housing” project for six years, certain that the inclusion of university students from all over the world can bring new skills to the neighbourhood and help revitalise it.

To date, over 1200 young people from 53 countries have found a home in Mirafiori. Their initiatives include the setup of a study hall and numerous cultural events