The project: BluEnergy Revolution

Thomas Lamberti

Thomas Lamberti is the R&D Director of BluEnergy Revolution. The company researches and develops innovative technology solutions that address the most important problem of our generation: climate change.

BluEnergy Revolution’s research and innovation pathway specializes in technologies that use hydrogen as an energy vector. The proposed solutions are based on green hydrogen, which is produced both from renewable sources and through the use of technologies that reduce the use of polluting and critical materials in favor of systems that use recyclable materials.

The BluEnergy Revolution team is composed of a mix of high-level skills in the fields of mechanical, naval, and management engineering, as well as architecture, chemistry, electrical engineering, and control.

Starting in 2015 as a spinoff of the University of Genoa, in its first years of life, it focused its efforts on developing a system that exploits hydrogen technology to make pleasure boats, particularly sailing boats, completely autonomous in terms of their onboard electricity needs. The product the cooperative has been working on is an Energy Pack, a system composed mainly of three elements (electrolyzer, fuel cell, and metal hydride hydrogen storage), modular and scalable, which can be installed on both new and existing boats.&nbsp

The cooperative founded H2Boat s.r.l. in 2020, which is dedicated to the production and marketing of the product.